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In the Xplorico universe, we believe in creating collaborative communities to build sustainable ecosystems connecting businesses, competence, technology and capital

Big Data Analytics for Everyone! Oslo Big Data Day (OBDD) is the largest of its kind, and completely free for business users (OBDD is a paid event for IT sector participants and IT pro's). The event features the most vibrant gathering of data and technology enthusiasts in Norway. 60+ International & Norwegian Speakers on 8 stages representing the leading representatives in the Big Data Analytics space; Vendors, Consultancies, Academia, Government Agencies, Business Leaders, Case Studies, Multiple Break-Out Sessions, Panel Discussions, Interactive Sessions and much more. OBDD will be organized at BI Norwegian Business School for the 4th consecutive year March 19th 2019 with 1,200 participants. Topics: Big Data, Analytics, Business. Intelligence, Security, Privacy, GDPR, Compliance, Data Governance, Trends, Datascience, Machinelearning, Artificial Intelligence, The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Fintech, Insurtech, Datalake, Blockchain, Open Data, Smart Cities.

The AIM North Symposium will take place 7th November 2019 at OsloMet (Oslo Metropolitan University) for the 2nd consecutive year. A-I-M stands for connecting Artificial Intelligence, Minds + Machines. Our AIM is to become the leading community of Artificial Intelligence professionals, academia and companies along with public players. We believe the future needs to be based on different skill-sets that has been traditionally acknowledged up until now and to be successful as a nation, organization and ultimately as an individual, new fundamental.  approaches will be essential. Therefore, we will also focus on supporting and co-creating the Norwegian AI start-up ecosystems for global growth focusing on success criterias such as knowledge & investments. Together we will build a thriving AI eco-system and put Norway on the AI map. Core tracks within AI MedTech, AI Startups, AI investments with live Sharktank sessions on stage.

The IBC network consists of 150 investors and investment professionals as an exclusive INVITE ONLY community. IBC is an active community of investors with a monthly regular meetingspace facilitated on different locations in the Oslo region. Average check size spreading from NOK 0,5-50 mill with a main focus on Tech or tech supported investments. Even some later stage investors utilize the community to seek investments and to watch the early stage startup environment. 
The main purpose and focus of IBC is to build strong relationships between investors in the tech-startup and scale-up environments. The Relationship is intended to stimulate to co-operation, co-investments as well as syndication of investments, and also work as an arena for shared experience. IBC is also intended to contribute growth, and refine a better framework for tech investments in Norway with a Global scope.

Want to learn more on how to optimize Data Science by using Artificial Intelligence & Machinelearning methodology? Join Xplorico's Data Science for Breakfast at Pier X Venture Hub. DSB is organized monthly with hot topics and round-table discussions. Get in touch for details.

Growth financing & funding opportunities for Emerging Tech Start-Up’s with Xplorico & Friends! 15 Great Born-globals are invited to stand & deliver a 30min presentation. The event is held four times annually, with Winther, Spring, Summer & Fall editions. If you think you’ve got what it takes, don’t hesitate and drop us a few lines today.


The Oslo Channel 2020 will be connecting the brightest minds in emerging technology; 2,000 Startups, Investors, Enterprises & Academics driving innovation for a better World. OC 2020 will highlight the road ahead to building a more sustainable world! At the Oslo Channel we'll be focusing on leveraging emerging technologies, research & new generation business models - not politics. 17 Sessions in 17 locations each representing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals connected to technology to make it happen. Join us in Oslo, June 2020!

If you’re ready to succeed, we are ready to help. Contact us today to set up a call.

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